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Frequently Asked Questions . . .



This page is designed to help answer questions a new bike owner may have about his or her Harley Davidson or custom bike.  Many of these questions can also be answered by referring to your owner’s manual.



Q:      How often should I change my motor oil and oil filter?

A:      It is recommended that the motor oil and filter be changed every 2,500 miles with conventional oil and every 5,000 miles if using synthetic oil.


Q:      What weight and type of oil should I use?

A:      Acme Cycle recommends 20/50 wt. most of the year, but straight 50 wt. over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You  must use a quality oil formulated for air-                     cooled motorcycle engines.  There is a difference; motor oil formulated for cars or liquid cooled engines have a different additive package and will                       cause excessive wear in your motor.  We feature Lucas oils.


Q:      Can I use DOT 3 brake fluid in my Harley or custom bike?

A:     Definitely not!  Only use DOT 5 or DOT 4, depending on the year of your bike.  If you accidently put DOT 3 brake fluid in your bike, the entire                          system should be flushed with denatured alcohol and replaced with DOT 5 or 4 immediately.  The reservoir cover of your master cylinder will tell you                  which  DOT you  need to use for your bike.


Q:      I use regular gasoline in my car.  Can I use the same grade in my bike?

A:      It is recommended that you use only high test (91 octane) in your motorcycle.  By using a lower octane gasoline in your bike, you are more likely to                    cause pinging and have less than optimum performance.


Q:      How often should I have a service done on my bike?

A:     Acme Cycle recommends the following:

        .  New bikes – first service at 1,000 miles

        .  Regular services should be done every 5,000 miles.

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